Thursday, January 24, 2008

An Ethiopian Dinner sans utensils

Having never had Ethiopian food, I was quite eager when my Husband's friend suggested we have Ethiopian food. We ate at Sheba in the Miami Design District and it was truly delicious! As the title states, Ethiopian food is eaten without the help of utensils, but we were quickly given some forks as we started enjoying our two appetizers. One appetizer had shrimp, which I'm allergic to and the other one was meatballs. The Shrimp M'charmel , is a shrimp appetizer sauteed in olive oil infused with traditional Moroccan herbs and garnished with sliced carrot and parsley. The meatballs or Kefta are made from lean ground beef a blend of traditional herbs and spices onions and crushed peppers. I forgot to take a picture of the Kefta before we starting eating. . .they were pretty good, because this was all that was left. We then got two combination platters, one with seafood and one without. The meat platter (Pictured below) consisted of a medley of meat dishes served with three fresh vegetable dishes. The seafood platter was the same as the meat platter with the addition of a few seafood specialties. We did run into a little snafu when the meat platter showed up with some shrimp on it. Darn it! The waitress offered to put in another meat platter without shrimp, but I decided it would be okay if I only ate the food from the edges that were not close to the shrimp. We started to eat the Ethiopian delicacies using the injera a "springy sourdough crepe, made with an indigenous Ethiopian grain called tef" as our utensil. "Pieces are torn off and used as scoops to pick up food with the fingers" Sun-Sentinel.
A few minutes later the manager offered to bring me my own plate of food, she didn't want me to have to risk myself and be eating off the edges of the platter. I appreciated her offered and ordered the Minchetabesh, finely chopped sirloin ginger onions and cardamoms pan browned and sauteed in Ethiopian key wat sauce. For dessert we order a refreshing Key Lime Mousse dessert and enjoyed the sounds of the live music playing in the background. Dinner at Sheba was a wonderful experience, we look forward to our next dinner outing there!

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