Friday, August 1, 2008

Miami Spice, Restaurant Month(s) Starts TODAY!

MIAMI SPICE!The foodie highlight of Miami's hottest summer months has arrived! Two months of gourmet cuisine at Miami's best, trendiest, and newest restaurants at VERY affordable prices! The menus are pre-fix, but let me tell you, I droll just reading them! Oh my lord, talk about "Good Eats" as Alton Brown from the Food Network would say! Lunch is a mere $23pp and dinner is only $36pp. It truly cannot get any better than that price wise. It's a culinary steal for your taste buds!

We'll be inaugurating Miami Spice tonight with some friends and our choices are The Forge,Joley,Food Gang. Three very different, yet excellent choices! Look out for a follow up post later this week to see which one we finally went to! If you're new to Miami Spice, just click on the participating restaurant that you would like to go to. A new window will open with that particular restaurant's details, many include the menus which I'm sure you too will drool over like I do! The other thing that they include, which you have to PAY ATTENTION to, are the days of the week, that the restaurant participates in Miami Spice, so MAKE SURE, they offer Miami Spice on the day you want to go.

ALSO, MAKE RESERVATIONS!!!!! MAKE RESERVATIONS! This is a huge promotion all across the city and since these are popular restaurants already, you should secure your seat or you may not get one for a couple of hours!

Get out there and enjoy some of the fabulous cuisine Miami and Miami Spice has to offer!