Saturday, July 5, 2008

I've been tagged!

My buddy Jen from Too Shai Shai tagged me back in June and only now have I been able to follow through and post 13 random facts about me :)
Make sure to check out the picture at the end! In no particular order, here they are! Enjoy!

1)I recently got a retainer for my lower teeth, they seem to be shifting and I want to avoid having to get braces again since I already went through that for a year back when I was 14 years old!

2)I'm a cheese-aholic! Luckily my cholesterol is in check from all the cardio, weightlifting and fish oil supplements I take!

3)I finally used the ice cream maker we got for our wedding! I'm not going to
reveal the flavor I made just yet, that will be in a post very soon! Stay tuned!

4)For the last 6 months I've been substituting fresh spinach leaves for lettuce in all our salads. It's a lot tastier and healthier!

5)My husband and I have climbed the 287 steep and narrow circular stair steps to get to the top of Prague's St. Vitus Cathedral Tower to see the amazing views of the city!

6)As a child of the 1980's, I love all things 80's!

7)I'm currently wearing Essie's WICKED nail polish! It rocks!

8)I love anything with coconut . . . my sister does not!

9)I still have my Garbage Pail Kids Trading Cards from when I was little!

10)I was born at 5:13 in the morning! My sister sometimes like to call me at that exact time to wish me a "happy birthday". Needless to say, that usually does not put me in a happy birthday mood!

11)I'm only double jointed on my right hand.

12)I'm a goof ball and I'm proud of it! I think it will keep me young at heart forever!

13)I've been married for 589 days to my love!

I gotta admit, this was a little hard, I kept thinking of things to write, but then I kept changing my mind thinking that they were stupid random facts, LOL! That was the assignment after all! You see, I am GOOF BALL!

Thanks for the TAG Jen!

Talk about being a Goof Ball huh? This tiger was on our bed in out hotel room in Athens! LOL!

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Jessica said...

The pic is hilarious! Love it.