Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Bistro Jeanty - Napa Valley

Napa Valley is filled to the brim with fine dining establishments and Bistro Jeanty is definitely one of them. You walk in and you're suddenly transported across the Atlantic to a quaint French Cafe. Ooh - la-la! We didn't have reservations and had to wait about 15 minutes, not bad at all! I do recommend getting reservations though, we just happen to be there at a time of year when things are just starting to pick up, basically we were very lucky that we only had to wait that little. We were offered the opportunity to sit a their community table, a long table for 12, that you can sit at first come - first serve with other patrons. Not a bad idea, but we were going for that whole romantic Napa type feel and just weren't feeling the community table.

The food is to DIE FOR! Oh my lord! Our favorite thing on the menu was the "Creme de tomate en croute". That's tomato soup in puff pastry for those of you that haven't brushed up on your French lately :) I told the waiter, "this is the best tomato soup I've ever had" and he responded "it's the best tomato soup ever made!" He was so right! I'm salivating as I write this, that's how delicious, smooth, and decadent it was! I can seriously go on forever . . .here's a picture I took of it! Make sure to wipe the drool off you keyboards folks!

We also order and onion tart . . .c'est magnific! To top it off, it had goat cheese on it! I was in French food heaven! The onions were caramelized to perfection, the pastry was perfect, and the little side frise salad with the light vinaigrette was a wonderful compliment. Lord, maybe I shouldn't be writing this post before dinner, I'm so hungry and writing about all of this delicious food is simply torture!
For the main course we shared the Coq Au Vin, a creamy blend of chicken, mushrooms, bacon, and red wine stew. It was yummy, but it wasn't our favorite, but then again I think we just wanted more tomato soup! We ordered a side of Frites (aka French fries) as well!

I can't remember for the life of me what we had for dessert! I know, I must be getting sick! I can forget a lot of things, but a dessert???? Such a travesty!!!

Don't forget about Bistro Jeanty when you're in Napa and order the tomato soup, maybe order two servings of it just for yourself! Mmm!

Many, Many THANKS to our friend Gena for recommending this fine restaurant! We will definitely be heading back there on our next trip to Napa!


Jen said...

I was on the fence about Bistro Jeanty since Brian isn't a huge fan of French food, but this post convinced us to try it! I'm going to make reservations :)

Gina said...

Checking out the blog to find that my name is on it! Yeah me! We had a great time on friday...let's do it again before its over.